EnCase Forensic

EnCase Forensic

EnCase® Forensic is the winner of Best Computer Forensic Software in Forensic 4cast Awards hosted by SANS Forensic Summit, in Austin Texas (Tuesday 7th June 2011).

Digital investigators need a solution that easily captures relevant data to support an investigation or compliance requirement and features sophisticated technical analysis capabilities for finding buried and/or hidden data. EnCase® Forensic is a powerful investigation platform that collects digital data, performs analysis, reports on findings and preserves them in a court validated, forensically sound format.

Cognitech TriSuite

Cognitech Tri-Suite is the forensic video analysis software. Cognitech Tri-suite is the most powerful set of forensic imaging tools used by professionals globally.
Consists of three main software; VideoActive™, Video Investigator™, and AutoMeasure™.


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