Tableau T35U SATA/IDE Forensic Bridge (Write-blocker)

Tableau T35u Forensic Bridge

Tableau T35U is the best - award winning - SATA and IDE forensic bridge (forensic write blocker) from Tableau, the leading company in the field of digital forensics. With T35U, you will be able to conduct write blocking using fastest host computer connection in the market : USB 3.0. It has two device side connections - SATA and IDE. The superiority of Tableau T35U forensic bridge is also supported with a compact design as well as the simplicity in using it.

Tableau T35U is the winner of best forensic hardware of 2014 from Forensic 4:cast.

In order to have a seamless write blocking activity, Tabeau T35U Toolkit (TK35U) is highly recommended. The toolkit includes the T35U write blocker, a drive power cable, a SATA signal cable, a power supply, a SATA HD power cable, an IDE Signal cable, a USB 3.0 cable, and a carrying case (soft side).

Bounga Informatics, as The Exclusive Distributor of Tableau Forensic products in South East Asia is happy to assist finding the best digital forensic solutions for your organization.

Tableau T35u Forensic Bridge
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