Silicon Forensic Workstation

Silicon Forensic Workstation

Built to embody Hardware Defined Forensics philosophy, SiForce SMART provides the best possible user experience via unparalleled processing speed and system responsiveness. It is a reliable, cost-effective solution that allows you to get the most out of your workstation.
The Enhanced Classic version of the SiForce Smart has a traditional setup with separate Cache, Case, and Evidence drives.
The Hardware Defined Forensics version has a single 2TB processing space, upgradeable to 4TB.

The SiForce NANO II packs a Core i7 Intel Processor and a powerful SSD RAID into a small, custom designed form factor. A built-in Tableau forensic bridge allows for directly connecting media requiring write-block for one-off quick lookups, or for targeted or physical forensic collection. The SSD RAID makes short work of disk-intensive tasks: directory recovery, data carving, log2timeline, Volatility plugins, processing from forensic tools, ediscovery processing, data export, and load file creation has never been faster.
Forensic or Ediscovery software processing, search, and export that would take 24+ hours on a single standard computer takes only 1/3 of the time with the SiForce NANO II.
The NANO II is an all-in-one forensic lab / incident response lab / ediscovery lab in a single, easily-transportable workstation. Shipped in a SiForce Rugged Case with all its tools and accessories, the NANO II provides a compact and easy to use workstation like no other in the market. With the NANO II, there was no need to ship multiple computer systems and setup a temporary lab to meet the processing goals and deadlines. The NANO II will enable your team to streamline their work and easily meet all project goals, all while having a small footprint.

SiForce Lightning X implements the latest components in forensic technology to provide investigators with a reliable and powerful workstation. In addition the latest components & technology are applied throughout this unit. SiForce Lightning X gives the investigator the ability to acquire and image data from digital media, save forensically sound images and examine those images on one machine.

SiForce GPU is the fastest password recovery machine in the industry with 786,000 Stream Processors. It allows forensic investigators to recover passwords from 200+ file types and decrypt hard drives up to 250 times faster than our previous models. Its password cracking capacity is made possible by the Passware Kit Forensic software that is included in the system. This electronic evidence discovery solution reports all password-protected items onto the GPU and gains access to these items using the fastest decryption and password recovery algorithms. 
Efficient Power and Cooling for increase stability

  • GPU Temperature maintained at 75 C at full-throttle
  • System operating temperature at 35 C with ambient temperature of 23 C
  • Stand alone dedicated GPU workstation.
Silicon Forensic Workstation
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