DFIR350 - Internet-based Investigations with EnCase Forensic Training

DFIR350 - Internet-based Investigations with EnCase Forensic Training

Bounga Informatics, as an Authorized Training Partner of Guidance Software in Singapore, provides certified standard digital forensic training, DFIR350 - Internet-based Investigations with EnCase Forensic Training.

This hands-on course involves practical exercises and real-life simulations. The class focuses on the forensic evidence located on the computer belonging to the suspect and /or victim – not online or cyber investigations. Email files and the Internet are cornerstones of consumer and business computer use. Virtually all computer forensic examinations will involve analysis of email and Internet artifacts, underscoring the need to understand the relevance of Internet and email-based evidence recovered during examinations.

Who Should Attend:
​This course is intended for corporate and government/law enforcement investigators, legal professionals and network security personnel. Incident response supervisors and team members are encouraged to attend as are individuals working in a penetration testing or network intrusion investigation role. An understanding of the concepts of computer forensics and familiarity with the EnCase® Forensic software is required. Class curriculum is designed to provide a good overview of Internet usage investigation issues, both from a forensic and intruder perspective.

This training will be delivered by high qualified instructors in Computer Forensics field.

USD2,750 or SGD3,850 per seat

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