Tableau Forensic

Completing digital forensic investigations is a difficult task, given the variety of data storage devices that exist today. To securely triage and acquire data from any type of storage device that may ultimately decide a suspect’s innocence or guilt, a forensic investigator must be equipped with the right tools. Tableau by Guidance Software is the tool of choice for thousands of field agents, lab technicians, and investigators for over a decade. The reason is simple – Tableau’s forensic hardware delivers consistent results, giving examiners and investigators the peace-of-mind they need when dealing with any type of digital evidence.
Bounga Informatics, as The Exclusive Distributor of Tableau Forensic products in South East Asia is happy to assist finding the best digital forensic solutions for your organization.

Tableau TX1 - Forensic Imager

Tableau TX1 - Forensic Imager

Tableau Forensic Imager [TX1] The next generation, replacing the Tableau TD3.
The new Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging – And it’s easy to see why.
One look and you will notice the stylish design of the TX1 that finally brings digital forensic products into the twenty-first century.
It features a beautiful and intuitive user interface on a tablet-sized touch-screen, providing a delightful user experience.


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