Digital Forensic Training

Bounga Informatics Pte. Ltd. has been an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Guidance Software since – 2016. They have been recognized by Guidance Software for training the greatest number of students worldwide in 2017. In addition to training students in Singapore, Bounga has been authorized by GSI to conduct a number of training in other localities .Bounga is also the Authorised Training Partner for several additional forensic software/ hardware providers.
Bounga has a purpose built state of the art training classroom in the CBD in Singapore.

Bounga Informatics

Bounga Informatics Pte. Ltd. Is a Singapore Registered Company, with a proven track record.
Our expertise is in Sales and distribution of many types of forensic based software and hardware.
We were Guidance Software (GSI) Partner of the Year (Asia) for 2017.
Provision of Forensic Services – Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Data Recovery, Data Analytics, Online Investigations.
Electronic Discovery solutions and expert witness provision.

IR250 - Incident Investigation

This hands-on course focuses on the use of EnCase® Endpoint Investigator (EnCase) and other tools to acquire and analyze data in a manner that demonstrates the relevance of various file system, network, and memory-based artifacts in the context of an investigative scenario. Students will examine the different factors that affect incident investigations, including planning, basic forensic principles, and examination and response options.


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